Celebration of the Day of the Dead offers new posters Justice League

If in France we often associate All Saints with a sad day like the death of Slipknot in Suicide Squad, Mexico celebrates its dead at the Día de los Muertos. On this occasion, Poster Posse artist Orlando Arocena collaborated with Warner Bros, an initiative to hail and encourage, to deliver rather stylish Justice League posters. Batman, Cyborg, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Flash are totally transformed into the pure style (calavera) of the day of the dead incorporating skulls, tattoos (and the logo of each member of the league). Warner Bros had already given the opportunity to see the folklore of this festival in Batman v Superman to present the heroism of the man of steel.Take a look at each of the posters specially designed for the occasion and also for the promotion of Justice League whose exit is still scheduled for November 15.

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