Carolina Goic does not slacken: "It is impossible to put an agreement on anything"

                                                                                                    The presidential letter of the DC, Carolina Goic, pointed its darts towards Alejandro Guilllier facing a possible second round, assuring that "it is impossible to arm an agreement on anything.
In that line, he added that "many people, who do not want to look back, are frustrated, are not encouraged, when they see two options that make you look back." On the one hand, Piñera tries to paint a beautiful panorama, that people he does not remember what his government was and its deficiencies, betting almost on a publicity stunt, when there are no changes and the UDI reminds him every day, and on the other hand, Guillier, we have to make that leap after this project frustrated of the New Majority, Guillier is more of the same and people do not perceive it well, "he told El Mercurio newspaper.
Regarding the situation of the independent candidate, he described his campaign as "without programmatic clarity" and explained his position of neglecting the call for an agreement for the second round.
"I'm going to be careful in qualifying, but I'm sorry that Guillier responds as he responds, that I'm looking for excuses not to generate a second-round agreement, I do not need excuses, I'm not interested in making an agreement or negotiations to distribute power for power. ", He said.
He also called on the sympathizers of the parties that support the journalist to support her on November 19 arguing that his is an alternative of renewal and not continuity.
"It has been described as a continuity of the New Majority and today we need a different alternative within our political domicile, which differs from Piñera (…) That's why I say to the historical bases of the center-left, of the PS, PPD, PR , decent people who believe in politics and what we have done and want to project it, that here is an alternative to recover the rigor, the dialogue, "he said.



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