Can you tell me that the child with 2 heads is naughty and smart? This Answer


TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM – The child who has the unyeng-unyeng two in the head is always strongly associated with the attitude of naughty, stubborn and do not want to hear the talk.

"Ooo .. No wonder unyeng-unyengnya two!"
If you already hear a brother or sister with a kind like that start felt.
Sadly, it's not us who set unyeng-unyneg child one or two.
It's God's gift for a lucky mother.
Therefore, we can not judge children's delinquency according to their physical, two unyneg-unyneg, dimples, the shape of his forehead.
Most are the secrets of the All-Maker.
#That is how it has been created, more and more very much the talk and questions we have to answer.
 Sometimes other family members ask and we are confused to answer it.
Reported by mediatular Dato 'Fadzilah Kamsah.

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