Blake Ritson will play Brainiac in the Krypton series

The Krypton television series continues its course slowly, and hopefully, surely. After the casting announcement of Adam Strange, here is a new character added to the series, not least since it is Brainiac.Blake Ritson will play Brainiac in the series KryptonRemettons things in context: while the series will explore DC's past, and more precisely the planet Krypton focusing on the grandfather of Kal-El, Seg-El, a threat will go back in time to suppress Superman even before he comes to world. This will be none other than Brainiac, who will send his agents to kill Seg-El. The iconic villain will be played by actor Blake Ritson, whom you may have met in the Da Vinci's Demons series. The latter describes his character as a parasite, a very advanced alien android of immense intelligence.

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