Black Friday 2017: when it is and why it is celebrated

Updated 06/11/2017 10:38
 For all those who have been listening for years to the famous term but are still not clear on what it is, here are all the answers. Black Friday, a day of shopping of American origin, is a gap every November in our calendar and in our daily lives. But why is it celebrated? What is it about? When is Black Friday? We answer all your questions and we give you the keys to enjoy it.

Nobody is surprised because what comes from the United States, like it. We just left behind Halloween and we are already preparing for Thanksgiving. Although what interests us most is what comes right after: Black Friday or Black Friday.

The Black Friday began to be held in our country in 2010 thanks to (or because of) Apple, and is, being clear, a perfect day to make all pending purchases, from navideo shopping to seasonal garments, with grandsimos discounts.
Take advantage of Black Friday to invest in your favorite pieces.
Frame of "Sex in New York". Almost all brands, large stores and now also small stores lower their prices for just one year. However, this "shopping party" dates back to the 60's, when American merchants decided to give a Thanksgiving gift to all their customers: discounts and rebates on all products. This caused that the accounts of the trades happened of the red numbers to the blacks, happening to call to this Friday "the black one". But this is just one of the many hypotheses surrounding this day where what is really important is buying (or investing).

Black Friday is always celebrated the day after the Thanksgiving celebration. This year, Black Friday is Friday, November 24.

Here we bring you our definitive guide to enjoy all the Black Friday discounts, which we will update throughout the month so you do not miss anything. Ready to invest in the purchases of the moment?

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