Bepe Explains Problem of Ezechiel's Undenwected Goal The referee

As is known until now the debate about goals Ezechiel N'Doassel still crowded. Because of replays Chad captain national team header about the net.

However, the referee did not consider it as a goal. Well, at that moment, Bepe, the familiar greeting is in front of goal and is considered to see the ball about the net.

"It's undeniable that the header has crossed the goal line, the ball touches the net and then bounces out, but unfortunately the main referee does not see the incident, when it happens all Persija players have accepted the goal," Bepe said in a note.
However, he continued, inaudible referee whistle marks have occurred. It makes him who then controlled the ball was to doubt.
"Instantly there was a strong protest from the Persib player to the referee, when there was no one Persija player who tried to influence the referee to keep his decision because we were aware if the ball had indeed touched the net," he said.
At that time, to confirm his decision, the main referee even asked the linesman. But according to him, dear judge say the ball has not crossed the goal line.
"A lot of people (especially Persib supporters) judged me for my reaction to that goal, they hoped I would stop the game and ask the referee to endorse the goal," he said.
After all, Bepe said, how does a player stop such a situation. Moreover, the ball is playing on.
"Whether by asking for a time out, I'm not sure if the rules are in football or having to put the ball into the goal itself – instead of being considered fair play a player can even be considered getting a bribe, or setting a score," he said.

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