Becakayu Toll Road Has Passed Construction Test, BEKASI – President Joko Widodo is scheduled to inaugurate two Bekasi-Cawang-Kampung Melayu toll roads on Friday (3/11 ). Head of Division III of PT Waskita Karya, Dono Parwoto explained that the Becakayu toll road has passed the construction test, although some of the piles have been established since 21 years ago. One such construction test is like lifting a 30 centimeter concrete mixer truck, then off to the road surface on the toll road. "When the truck is released, the level of deflection is still at the permitted value, so it is worth using. Though the truck load exceeds 5 tons, "said Dono. According to Dono, the construction of piles that have been built since decades is still strong because there is a material reinforcement by workers. Even before the reinforcement was done, his side conducted a detailed evaluation of pile construction. "Evaluation is needed to know how far the strength of construction," said Dono. Dono explained, there are several stages of construction tests conducted by KKDM, KKJ and BPJT.

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