Around the United States, Trump Strengthens Alliance Against North Korea – United States President Donald Trump is not concerned about North Korea's threat. Yesterday, Sunday (5/11) Trump stated that he immediately entered the North in the list of countries that sponsor terror. Currently, those already on the list are Iran, Sudan and Syria. He also confirmed that the country led by Kim Jong-un will be the main discussion in his visit for 12 days to 5 countries in Asia. In addition to Japan, Trump will visit South Korea (South Korea), China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. In front of US and Japanese troops who welcomed him at Yokota Air Base, Fussa, Tokyo, the 71-year-old leader said that Uncle Sam's country and its allies are prepared to defend freedom and peace. "There are no dictators, regimes, nations that can belittle the American determination," Trump said, wearing a bomber jacket and being applauded by the soldiers present. A day earlier, North Korea threatened to attack if Trump threw words offensive to them. The threat was proven to be ignored by Trump. The US is indeed a major ally of Japan in the face of North Korea (North Korea). Many times the missile tests conducted by Pyongyang passed through Japan. North Korea has missiles capable of reaching all areas of Japan. Trump calls the handling of problems on the Korean peninsula so far too weak. For that, he will take a completely different approach. On the way to Japan, Trump insists he hopes to meet and speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his trip to Asia. They are expected to meet at the APEC summit in Vietnam this weekend. Source: Jawa Pos

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