Animation Review – Masamune-kun's revenge, 04 November 2017


          Masamune-kun's revenge has a very evocative title. Despite his popularity, Masamune has only one idea in mind: to avenge Aki, his childhood love. The high school student, who has just joined the same high school as the girl, will do everything to make her fall in love with him in order to make him know the suffering of a broken heart.
Although revenge is the main motivation of the hero, it is a comedy that the studio Silver Link offers us.
Inspired by the eponymous manga, the animated series is very faithful to the original work. On this side, the Silver Link studio handled the thing rather well. The chara-design and a large part of the scenes are very faithful to the paper format. In the same way, the musicality of the anime is well thought out and the seiyus are not novices. Hanae Natsuki (Masamune) and Mimori Suzuko (Neko) have already worked together on Digimon (as respectively Tai and Sora).
On the technical side everything is fine, and even if it is not a masterpiece, we can chain the first episodes without difficulty. The series was pretty good, nevertheless some details are fishing and will ruin everything else …
With his secret, Masamune inspired sympathy: child, he was fat. So much so that the other kids called him piglet.
Having suffered harassment and humiliation, the hero suffers from a cruel lack of self-confidence at the beginning of the anime. Everything is done to get on his side.
Unfortunately, the character quickly becomes unbearable. It's all the more frustrating because he had potential. Gradually, his ego inflates swells inflates (and inflates us at the same time). The fop side was too much, too bad for the scenario.
In the beginning, Masamune's repartee and his shojos replicas (the fault of his lack of experience with girls) made people laugh. But this cash side that was fun becomes heavy and redundant.
For its part, Aki inspires nothing. His ambivalence could have been interesting. His advantageous physique and beauty are clearly not in keeping with his ogre appetite and pig character. But the lack of evolution of this character annoys as much as the transformation too pronounced of the other.
Finally, we would have almost preferred that the anime takes place around a weight gain of the young lady, just to make us gloat a bit (because eating as much without fattening it should be a crime).
Apart from Yoshino and Neko, the secondary characters are very little present. The first is difficult to pin down. Another badly exploited idea. Motivated by a hate-love for her mistress, she helps Masamune to organize his revenge. It could have been, it should have been interesting! Despite this, the character remains very bland. The second, as Aki's rival, is scarcely more credible.
However, each character shows us that Masamune-kun's revenge is mostly a physics story. Nothing comes to contradict the hero on his theory of "bogossitude is the must". At first, we may have believed, we were going to say "that love goes beyond appearances". But no. In the end, each character seems to be defined in relation to his physique. A telling example: Kojuurou is only remembered as feminine.
Finally, why the hell to add, at the last moment, a rival without any consistency and so late? The fact that we learn more about Aki's feelings through him is not enough. Still, the last minutes of the season are very painful and we want to make some small quick advances.
When Masamune-kun's revenge began, people feared a typical denouement: a hero who gives up his revenge after falling in love. If the anime seems to go inexorably in this direction, it takes its time. The twelfth episode foreshadows a second season.
Looking at this series, we can realize that we do not all have the same threshold of resistance to pain. If some will manage to complete the 12 episodes, others will stop along the way.
              Review by columnist zebulineSaturday, 04 November 2017

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