Anies Asks PT MRT Replace Motorcycle Victims of Construction Concrete Fall

"It is not only guaranteed healthcare cost, but livelihood should not be disturbed, it means that damaged motor must be replaced," he said when met at City Hall on Sunday (5/11).

Anies claimed to have communicated with President Director of PT MRT William Sabandar in order to ensure that all those responsible for the incident get sanctioned. What's more, to keep the construction errors from recurring.

Illustration: MRT project
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"He (William) convey all those responsible for getting sanctions, will be prevented for it does not happen," he explained.
The 3-ton concrete border fence belonging to the MRT project crashed on Jalan Wijaya, South Jakarta, Friday (3/11), at around 9 pm. The concrete hit a motorcycle passing by. Known victim named Syamsuddin suffered minor injuries in the ankle.
The incident also hit a car Daihatsu Xenia to make damage to the back of the left side of the car, the left rear lights and the glass to the left broke and scratches on the body of the car to the left. Luckily, the condition of the driver of the car is not injured.
PT MRT Jakarta Construction Director Silvia Halim revealed that the concrete barrier fell due to loss of crane balance during lifting parapet. In addition, there is a lack of coordination and errors of construction methods.
"Based on our investigations conducted last night and this morning, it seems there are workers who do not work lifting itself according to methods we have agreed on and then we get a lack of coordination," said Silvia on location, Saturday (4/11) .

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