Already Ascertained Dynasty Warrior 9 Releases Next Year!

        Serial Dynasty Warrior is a hack and slash game that tells about three popular Chinese kingdoms, Koei Tecmo finally announced the release date of Dynasty Warrior 9 game.
For those of you who can not wait when the release of Dynasty Warrior 9 game, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Quoted from his official twitter account, Dynasty Warrior 9 game will be released in early 2018.

For the exact date of Dynasty Warrior 9, according to official twitter account is on February 8, 2018. For release date is only valid for the PlayStation 4 console in Japan.
While for the western version will be released still in 2018, but not known when the date and month. Also rumored that Dynasty Warrior 9 will be released for XBOX ONE and PC.
Quoting from the previous article, Dynasty Warrior 9 is still carrying the old technical with a number of new touches that make Dynasty Warrior 9 into a game that looks newer. One of them is Dynasty Warriors 9 carrying open world map which means all areas connected to one big map. This concept automatically changes the mission system and the player's freedom in playing.
  In addition, the thing that will be changed from Dynasty Warrior 9 is the loss of Musou Mode. The classic Musou Mode and Free Mode system seems to have been left in this latest Dynasty Warriors.
The system has been accompanying loyal fans of the Dynasty Warriors series since its 3rd game on the Playstation 2. With the open world map, the mission system automatically changes into a sustainable mission.
Open world map will contain more than 10 important cities in the fight. The cities are made realistic in accordance with the original, but scaled down. Realistic creation is intended so that every player can experience such an experience with the original, but the scale is intended to facilitate cruising in the game.
The urban and rural areas are also made as a complement to the purpose of buying and selling as well as other general purposes. Additional features such as the ability to hunt wild animals and wars with local locals are being developed by developers. This makes the Dynasty Warriors game not monotonous but dynamic and real.
So, it could be said that later this game could have become one of the popular hack-and-slash open world game of that era. However, there is one question for the author for this game. Will there be multi-player mode for this game? Since conquering China alone is not an easy matter.
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