5 Korean Crazy Celebrities with Fried Rice



        source: bangtangiftNasi goreng is one of the iconic food from Indonesia. You can find fried rice anywhere and it tastes delicious. No wonder the Korean celebrities are also in love with fried rice.

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This year a lot of Korean idols and celebrities who visit Indonesia. One of the obstacles they are here is the difference in the taste of food. Food in Korea and in Indonesia obviously has a different taste. But not with the 5 Korean celebrities below who actually fell in love with the typical Indonesian cuisine of fried rice.
1Suga BTS
source: favimWhen the first concert in Indonesia, BTS conducted an interview with one of the statuun TV Indonesia. When asked about his experiences in Indonesia, Suga revealed how much he loved her with fried rice.

Even after he returned to Korea, he went to one of the areas in Korea called Itaewon and searched for fried rice. It is also justified by members JTSBOK BTS.
2Lee Min Ho
source: wordpad In the year 2013 ago, the actor who was undergoing this draft ever reveals how her love with fried rice. First time tasting fried rice is when Minho conduct global Fan Meeting in Indonesia. At that time Minho told me that he even spent 3 plates of fried rice.
3Seungri BIGBANG
source: habkoreanetTwo members of Bigbang are Seungri and Taeyang are very fond of eating this typical Indonesian food. Big Bang has indeed been known to have visited the country several times. In the Big Bang concert MADE 2015 ago, Seungri once said that he likes fried rice like Indonesian people love fried rice.
4Lee Seunggi
Source: onekpopThe 30-year-old handsome actor has also visited Indonesia in 2012 ago. At that time he revealed that he had heard so famous fried rice in Indonesia. So once in Indonesia he immediately asked for fried rice. Not disappointing, Seunggi revealed fried rice is one of the most delicious food.
source: giphy Every time there is an idol or an outside celebrity who will perform in Indonesia usually has a wide range of requests. One of them idol group Super Junior when coming to Indonesia in 2013 ago. The members ask the promoter to provide typical Indonesian food, one of which is fried rice.

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