5 Facts Hajime Saito Needs to Know The Fans

Although long overdue, the anime of Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai X remains very interesting to discuss. The story is very ciamik formulated to be one factor why this anime still feasible to continue to be discussed.
Ciamik story certainly will not live without the characters are cool and memorable. In Samurai X, we will see a lot of characters that are so iconic to date.
Not only the protagonist, the antagonist also has a story that is so iconic. If we have previously discussed the facts Kenshin Himura and Soujiro Seta, this time Duniaku.net interested to discuss the police, Hajime Saito.

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So far Hajime Saito is one of the characters that is quite memorable in the anime Samurai X. The nature that is so impressed in the eyes of the fans is quiet, cool, and tend to be serious.
You could say that Saito has somewhat similar properties like Itachi Uchiha in the Naruto anime. Saito is also known as a smart character and has an amazing analysis.
Without further ado, here is the fact that Hajime Saito should be known to the fans!
1Here Long Rivalitas with Kenshin

Saito is a former captain of the third unit, Shinsengumi. In the anime of Samurai X, Saito served as the special agent of the Meiji Government Affairs Department.
Told also that Saito is someone who dared to target Kenshin while still active as a killer. Saito's insight eventually made him rival with Kenshin.
Even though Kenshin had stopped as a murderer, Saito was still after him until they met in Kamiya's Dojo. In this meeting also both fight each other. Though Saito was not ordered to fight with Kenshin when he came to the dojo.
Their new conflict really ended after the crisis of Shishio passed.
2Feared by Shishio

One of the most prominent criminals in the Samurai X anime, Makoto Shishio has been seen quite wary of Hajime Saito. This is seen when Kenshin and Saito invaded the headquarters inhabited by Shishio.
Shishio's alertness to Saito showed him through a phrase that said, "a man who looks like a wolf." Not surprisingly Shishio says such a thing as Saito's own reputation is quite famous.
Saito is known as a wolf because of his cold nature, his sharp eyes and serious tendency to make this call very attached to him.
But in the end, Shishio still able to defeat Saito easily as both fight.
Continue the facts Saito can you read on the second page!

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