4 The Most Ridiculous Casting Ways Ever Had K-pop Idol

        source: chechehBeing a K-pop idol is not something anyone can do. Before becoming an idol, they usually go through the casting process and it turns out there are some idols that go through the process in a unique and silly way. Anyone?

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1Sunun EXO
Source: Kpop ChartCasting silly experienced by the youngest member at EXO started when he was 13 years old. At that time, Sehun was eating ttoekbokki (rice cake) on the roadside. Then there is an agent who comes to him and offers casting as idol SM Entertaiment.
Instead of happy, Sehun even fears and runs away from the agent. Agent was chasing Sehun approximately 30 minutes until finally the agent managed to convince Sehun that he was from SM Entertainment. Sehun who is still innocent ran because remembering the message from his parents that should not talk to strangers.
2Suzy Miss A
Source: IndowartaSuzy who was sitting in high school was auditioning Superstar K. Apparently instead of continuing his audition he even get an offer to become the artist of JYP Entertainment. This happens when Suzy is waiting for her audition turn and she goes to the bathroom. That's where he was immediately offered by a JYP agent who was already targeting Suzy from earlier.
3Sunggin Infinite
Source: koreanupdatesRezeki is not where to go! And that's what happened to Sunggyu. Sunggyu who was working part time at a cafe was doing his job as usual. But while receiving orders from customers, he was asked who his idol singer was. Sunggyu also answered Nell is the idol singer.
Unexpectedly the customer was the manager of Nell, the idol of Sunggyu. It was then that the manager offered Sunggyu a part of Woollim Entertaiment and Sunggyu immediately accepted the offer.
4Jang Dong Yoon
Source: Korea IyaaOk! This one is not a K-pop idol anyway, but a celebrity. His story while running casting is so funny, so we should not rule out this handsome actor. The silly casting incident happened when Dongyoon was being interviewed by SBS for witnessing a robbery in a supermarket.

Being handsome and well-behaved and heroic, Dongyoon was immediately contacted by Clover Entertainment and offered to be an artist in their management. Dongyoon also accepted the good offer and became an actor.
Which is the most memorable for you? Just say in the comment field!
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