3 The Universe 7 Brawler Potentially Becomes the God of New Destruction

Toppo is the new god of destruction candidate from Universe 11. What about Universe 7? There are three fighter that feels worthy of being a candidate!
If you look at Toppo, the author feels the new God of destruction candidate is not absolutely determined by strength alone. In terms of fighting ability it's clear Jiren goes beyond Toppo, and even equals Belmod himself. Toppo seems to be chosen because he represents the same vision of justice Belmod has.

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Universe 7 itself already has two candidates, namely two fighter who has been trained by Whis: Vegeta and Goku. Besides the two of them, the author also includes Frieza, a creature whose soul of destruction is enormous and in terms of the same level of power with Goku.
How would it be if they became the God of the new Destruction of the Universe 7? Let's see.
Son Goku

The Reason Worthy of a God of Destruction: A good heart, so Goku will not carelessly destroy a planet. With Ultra Instinct, Goku also seems to be able to fight more balanced against Beerus. If he can defeat Jiren, then his level of strength alone is certainly equivalent to the God of Destruction.

Whis has long been interested in Goku. If Goku manages to reach the Ultra Instinct level and defeats Beerus, he will certainly be sworn in as official candidate for the God of the new Universe 7 destruction.
If Goku becomes the God of Destruction, he might give an opportunity for the planet he wants to destroy to send a champion against him. If the champion can comfort him, he will forgive him.
Oh, besides the above reasons, Whis also likes the nature of Goku.
Obstacles: The problem is, Goku's good conscience may also make him less effective as a God of Destruction. It may be that he will more often forgive a planet than to eliminate it. He also seems to prefer to practice rather than work as a destructive force for the universe.
Usually this second candidate always loses from Goku. But he has interesting traits that make him feel even more suitable to be the new God of destruction. Check the discussion on the second page!

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